Company Overview

“Forceworks is proud to be one of the few Global Certified Microsoft Direct Cloud Partners, with a singular Focus on Dynamics 365 for Small and Midsized Businesses, and we have been a Microsoft Partner of the Year!

For companies with 5 to 300 Business Solutions users, the traditional approach to business application deployment simply does not work. Most Microsoft Partners are still struggling to free themselves from the methods and processes of the past, including having commissioned based sales organizations, motivated by high costs.

In the new era of Microsoft Cloud, a completely different approach is required. Our methodology is built around: “Start Small”, “Gain Adoption” and “Grow over time”

With the Forceworks approach, not only is the upfront investment to get started dramatically reduced, the emphasis is on your users actively adopting solutions at a basic level. Adding on additional capabilities over time, also ensures that you achieve a Return on your Investment, each step of the way.

To some, this approach may sound “radical”… to us… it’s just common sense.”

Steve Mordue, CEO and Microsoft Dynamics 365 MVP