Play and Learn

“We can instantly check availability across all of our learning centers through the shared calendaring feature in Exchange Online. This makes coordinating ‘new family’ visits to our sites so much easier.”
Trever Kalan, IT Coordinator, Play and Learn

Business Needs

For Play and Learn, sharing information across its 10 learning centers is essential. “Effective ‘new family’ site visit planning is directly related to enrollment, the lifeblood of our organization,” says Trever Kalan, IT Coordinator at Play and Learn. But the on-premises communications system that Play and Learn used no longer met its needs. It lacked key functionality for sharing calendars and was time-consuming and costly to support.


Play and Learn adopted Microsoft Office 365, an online service that unites familiar Microsoft Office applications with the power of email, calendaring, collaboration, and communication solutions. Employees are more productive regardless of their location. “It’s like Office 365 was made for the way we operate,” says Kalan. “We have a complete set of online productivity tools that are always available and fit our budget.


By adopting Microsoft Office 365, Play and Learn has experienced the following benefits:

  • Projected savings of US $10,000. “By moving to Office 365 and avoiding upgrades to server hardware, and software licensing expenses, we’ll save $10,000 over three years,” says Kalan. “We can put the money we save toward enhancing the services we offer to children and families.”
  • Easier collaboration across multiple locations. “Whether it’s sharing calendars or using Lync Online for videoconferencing, our people have more options for staying connected and working together,” says Kalan.
  • Strengthened disaster recovery capabilities. “Thanks to Office 365, we maintained our operations even in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, one of the worst storms ever to hit our area,” says Kalan. “It was extremely satisfying to provide that level of service despite the challenges we faced,” says Kalan.