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What is a Simplementation?

A Forceworks Global our Simplementations Services are limited engagements for a specific purpose. Simple Implementations are offered at a low cost, and there is no obligation to retain our services afterwards.

Requirements Review

We'll start by discussing your requirements and collecting the basic information.

Access and IP Installation

We will work with your team to gain necessary access to your environment and install our solution.


We'll perform the configuration and testing of our solution to meet the requirements agreed in the initial call.

This Simplementation

Sales Commission Solution

Many organizations with sales teams struggle with tracking and transparency of Sales Commissions. The highest de-motivator for commissioned sales representatives is ambiguity about their earnings and performance. Over the years we have developed many custom commission tracking solutions for customers. From simple solutions like the one in this offer, to complex, multi-layered, multi-faceted solutions, we know our way around it.

At Forceworks we developed IP to handle Automated Commission Tracking and Visibility. Since every organization is different, we do not offer this IP without our Implementation Assistance.

This one-day consulting service offer is for the basic implementation of our Sales Commission Solution. A Basic implementation would include: On the closing of an Opportunity as “Won”, a workflow automatically calculates the earned commission, which is visible to the sales rep on a personal dashboard, and to the sales manager on a combined dashboard.

We can also assist with much more complex implementations, including variable commission rates, over-rides, promotional rates, etc. Our solution is not limited to Sales scenarios, we also utilize Commissions for Service requirements, or custom scenarios. Any scenario that requires tracking a Commission earned for any activity can be achieved.


What does this Basic Implementation Service include?

  • Phone call to review your Sales Commission  requirements.
  • Installation of our I.P. on your target organization.
  • Perform Configuration to meet agreed requirements.
  • Maximum of 1 days (8 total Hours).


What is not included in this Basic Implementation Service?

  • ALM Related Processes
  • More than one Commission Percentage

What do Customers say?


"We were looking for a simple solution to this problem and Forceworks delivered... Fast!"

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