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What is Support by Blocks?

This is a concept we pioneered over five years ago when it became evident that Microsoft’s Business Applications and the platforms they run on were undergoing continuous change. Change is good; it has brought massive capabilities to our customers. But trying to pin down an exact cost, or even an accurate estimate, for a project became impossible. Not only that, with continuous new capabilities being launched throughout the life of a project, a more agile engagement model was needed to handle the scope shifts.

We developed and launched the “Support by Blocks” model for Dynamics 365 and RapidStart CRM, and it has been extremely well received by our clients. With our model, you pre-pay for Support Blocks of time in 8, 16, 40, or 80-hour blocks. We offer several block sizes for different needs. The hours purchased go into a “bank”, and we perform requested services against that bank until it’s depleted. What kinds of services? Almost any service: customization, consulting, user training, integrations, migrations… you name it. Our team is capable of performing anything you need, and our Support Blocks model makes it easy for you to consume the services you need as you need them. No more negotiating change requests as your requirements change.

What size projects is this applicable to? All sizes! We have worked with small customers who purchase a single 16-hour block, up to enterprise organizations who purchase multiple 80 hours blocks each month. We also have customers of all sizes who have continued to work with us using this model for years. It is easy to understand and easy to get started. With our “Blended” rates, we engage our most senior staff and our junior staff, as needed, all at the same cost to you. Our pre-paid model eliminates the need for us to have an Accounts Receivable function, or carry any development costs, and we pass the savings on to you as lower hourly rates. Also, the larger the block, the lower the rate!

We have worked with hundreds of customers using this “win-win” services delivery model, find out why they love it.

Pre-Paid Block Pricing

Available for “The Works” Subscribers Only

Available for All Customers

8 Hour Block

Small Code Development tasks

Only Available for “The Works” Subscribers

16 Hour Block

Medium Code Development tasks

Only Available for “The Works” Subscribers

40 Hour Block

You can actually start building some custom capabilities, or custom reports, or do a full migration analysis.

80 Hour Block

Now you are starting a real “development” project! This is also the most common starting block.

Forceworks offers a 15% discount on all services to Microsoft Approved Non-Profit Organizations.

Do you have an ongoing need for Development? Contact us about our Unlimited “Development as a Subscription” model.

Link to Review our other Support Option: “The Works” from Forceworks

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