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What is “The Works”?

The Works is a new “Services-as-a-Subscription” concept we launched for customers who prefer always-on, unlimited customizations, support and training. It is ideal for Small, Mid-sized, and Corporate organizations who are wanting to maximize the benefit to their business at a predictable cost.

  • “How can my business improve?” Solved with our Monthly Principals call
  • “How can I increase adoption?” Solved with our Unlimited Training
  • “How can I control my costs?” Solved with our Capacity Management and Licensing Optimization
  • “How can I…?” Solved with “The Works” from Forceworks!

As the name implies, “The Works” is every single thing short of development code. And with Microsoft’s advances in the “low-code” platform, this will cover everything for most customers!

You have enough to do running your business, and you want a “System” that just works… all the time. A system that has been designed, built, and maintained specifically for your business needs. No negotiating changes or watching the clock as billable hours mount up. The entire challenge moved off of your plate so you can focus on your business priorities.

Think about how much time, money, and frustration you have spent, or will spend, getting a system deployed, configured, supported, extended, and maintained to meet your actual goals of increased sales or decreased costs or happier customers, or whatever your original goals were.

You’re Covered with “The Works”

Strategic Advice and Consulting

Tools are essential, but what, how, and where to deploy them to impact your business positively? we can advise you.
Included with “The Works” is a monthly Strategic Advisory call with our two Principals.
Both are 20+ year veterans, and one is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP.
More than just a monthly call to “shoot the breeze” these calls follow a methodical structure designed to explore and uncover opportunities to improve every aspect of your business bringing “Fresh Ideas” and “Best Practices” to the forefront.


There are a lot of wrongs ways to build things. Fortunately, there are right ways also, and we know those



What’s going on with your system? How is it being used or abused? We’ll keep you posted on what we see



Just getting started, or adding a new environment? We’ll take care of that and shoot your team logins when it’s ready



Eliminating repetitive manual actions or processes not only saves time but increases accuracy. We do this “Automatically”


Your users can get stuck or confused. We can answer their questions to keep them humming along

Data Management

Data is the lifeblood of business today, but bad data is damaging and costly. We’ll keep an eye on that



How many green widgets did you sell on St Patrick’s day? Not a problem, we’ll whip up a chart!



Bob needs to see the whole alphabet, but Sally should only see A, K, and Z? No problem, we’ll wire that up for you


Whether onboarding a new person or a new feature, we’re here to educate your team on “Best Practices”



Adding or removing users, adjusting roles, updating configurations… we can do this in our sleep… but we’ll be awake


Our team is at your service by adding tables, columns, forms, views, workflows, dashboards, etc.

Cost Management

User Licensing and Data Capacity are not free! We’ll closely monitor to make sure you never pay more than you need.

"The Works" App

“The Works” app, a solution installed in your environment(s) for easy user access to ask questions, report issues, or suggest improvement ideas in real-time!

“The Works” All-You-Can-Eat Super Simple Pricing

“The Works” cost is a combination of a one-time onboarding fee, a monthly fixed Base cost, and a Monthly Per User cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions asked about “The Works from Forceworks”

Why haven't I heard of this kind of Services Model before?

Because we invented it!

Forceworks has been a pioneer for as long as we have been around. To us, given where technology sits today, this was the most logical next model to come forward.

We were just the first firm confident enough to offer it!

How is this Better than any other Services Model?

Simple. By eliminating scope and hours from the relationship, our customers maximize the value of their solutions, taking full advantage of everything Microsoft Business Applications offer to improve their business outcomes.

Who can Access the Included Services?

You will decide!

Typically, for Support and Training, all of your internal users can create requests.

There is normally a smaller group that oversees the direction.

What if one of my Users Requests a Change?

Users can freely submit Questions, Report Errors, and Suggest Improvements.

However, any request that would lead to altering the functionality of the system, will require approval from a designated person(s) on your team.

What if a User Requests a Change?

Any request that would lead to altering the functionality of the system, will require approval from a designated person(s) on your team.

How do we Communicate?

Again, Your Choice!

For each Customer, we will set up a dedicated communication channel. Either an exclusive distribution list (Yes, old-school :)). Any user you want to have access to the list can be directed to a form on our site to be added to the list.

A considerable advantage is that every user can see, follow along, and contribute to every item. Our Forceworks Principals also monitor this feed.

While this might seem like an “old-school” method, Microsoft uses the same method to communicate with MVPs!

Or we can set up a dedicated Microsoft Team if you prefer.

Or you can create the list or Team and add our team to it. It’s your choice.

What is not Included?

Not much!

With Microsoft’s advances with the platform around “low-code”, our specialists can most likely handle anything needed. It is a much rarer occasion where code development is required today.

“Customizations”, even advanced customizations, do not mean “Code Development” very often.

What if I Need Something that is not Included?

On the rare occasion where actual “Code Development” code is either required or deemed more efficient, Customers can purchase the development hours they want using our traditional Support by Blocks model at “The Works” discounted rates.

Do you offer a discount for Non-Profits?


Forceworks offers a 15% discount on all services to Microsoft Approved Non-Profit Organizations.

What is the Term of the Subscription Agreement?

The Subscription Agreement is for a one-year term, and the subscription automatically renews unless canceled.

I have another question not answered here

Use the Contact Us form below. That is where these FAQ questions came from 🙂

Link to review our Development Support Option: Support by Blocks

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