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Our “Industry-Changing” Services Model


We do a lot of things

Started as a Salesforce.com consulting firm over 20 years ago, Forceworks Global now offers a broad range of consulting services to global customers on Microsoft’s Business Applications.

Forceworks’ practice is focused exclusively on Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Microsoft Power Platform, and RapidStart CRM.

IP builders

Forceworks builds leading Power Platform Solutions under the RapidStart CRM Brand. The Number 1 ranked CRM app on AppSource.


project Resurrection

Forceworks takes over failed Dynamics 365 deployments and makes them work for their intended uses. Frequently moving them to RapidStart CRM.


We offer consulting services to global customers for Dynamics 365, the Power Platform, and RapidStart CRM including licensing, migration, and professional development services.


Forceworks consults with other ISVs on modernizing, refactoring, conceptual design, development, and marketing of their industry applications.

Thought leadership

The Principals of Forceworks are actively engaged with the highest levels of Microsoft, helping to guide business applications to their highest customer value.

Forceworks Offers Two Services Models

Whether you have a one-time need for a complex development requirement, or you are looking for continuous unlimited customizations, training, and support, we have options!

"The Works"Support by Blocks

What does Microsoft Say about Us?

“Forceworks has demonstrated a commitment to the small, midmarket and corporate segments globally, and achieving the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 designation for their RapidStartCRM App reflects that commitment.

We look forward to continuing to support Forceworks as they deliver certified solutions to help meet the unique business needs of more customers worldwide.”

Gavriella Schuster

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

“Forceworks is one of the earliest adopters of the PowerApps platform, building a world class and simple experience with RapidStartCRM. I am excited to see continued adoption of their offering over time – I think it fills a unique position atop Power Apps and Dataverse.”

Charles Lamanna

CVP Application Platform, Microsoft

“RapidStartCRM gave us the option we needed to get the customers comfortable, engaged and activated on Business Applications quickly.

Forceworks was extremely knowledgable and proactive with customers”

Cindy Thompson

Director Healthcare West, Microsoft

“Steve [Forceworks’ CEO] has a great understanding of the Business Applications ISV landscape and is an authority on the technology and the business model.”

Steven "Guggs" Guggenheimer

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

“The team at Forceworks have proven themselves to be one of the leading partners globally for Microsoft’s Online Services. Their knowledge across the landscape of our cloud technologies enables them to provide deep technical and business aptitude for helping companies build and deploy their cloud strategies.”

Brent Combest

GM One Commercial Partner, Microsoft

“Forceworks, one of our Gold ISVs, is on the leading edge of our global ISV motions. Their RapidStartCRM solution fits perfectly with our broader ISV strategy. We are very excited about Forceworks’ showcasing a significant number of our new platform capabilities in RapidStartCRM.”

Cecilia Flombaum

Worldwide Business Applications Partner Lead, Microsoft

“RapidStartCRM is the perfect fit for customers who know they need to streamline their business processes, are considering Microsoft Dynamics, but don’t know where to start.
RapidStartCRM makes CRM Simple.”

Bob Grohosky

Director Healthcare East, Microsoft

“Steve [Forceworks’ CEO] is a long standing member of our ISV Connect ecosystem as well as an active contributor through our Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program, his knowledge of the Microsoft partner ecosystem and Business Applications market is extensive and valued!”

Toby Bowers

GM Product Marketing, Microsoft

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

“The repercussions of SaaS continue to positively impact us all. SaaS made Microsoft the most valued company in the world. What is SaaS doing for your organization?”

Steve Mordue CEO


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